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6 Genetic, genomic and bioenergemal vectorization, and the origin of new biospecies


In addition to biomatter, the human body includes a bioenergeme (personal component of organized bioenergemal energy; BEG) and also a possible third virtual (temporary, potential) component as well or biointerfaceme. From my experience regarding bioenergemal communication (BELC, relative to the BEG) practice with BEGs that are either at the BEL universe (where the BEGs arrive after the body biocollapses, dies) or at the biomaterial (BML) universe (space-time), it is possible to biocommunicate with human BEGs regarding topics of mutual interest. Of course, any BEG can establish BELC from the BEL universe to any BEG at the BML universe and vice versa or between themselves there or here. In the biodialogue that we establish through any relaxation validated technique, the bioimage of a BEG would be a living and acting virtual biointerfaceme, just like the rest of bioimages that are formed during it or in dreams.1


The topic of vectorization came up during the BELC with BEGs from ancestral communities. There are the following general varieties of natural vectorization among biospecies: 1) Biomaterial genetic vectorization when natural vectors transmit DNA and/or RNA segments or complete genomes that are fragmented. 2) Biomaterial genomic vectorization mainly seen during sexual reproduction of multiple biospecies of plants, animals and humans, also by means of natural vectors that inoculate complete genomes. 3) Biointerfacemal (BIFL) vectorization as it happens during BEL communication or dreams. 4) Bioenergemal vectorization or biovectorization that occurs merging BEGs that agreed to do it.1 Almost always the prefix bio- refers to bioenergeme, like biospecies or species with BEG; or to bioenergemal, like bioenergy or bioenergemal energy.1,2


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