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Hope toward potent drug target using tertiary topological instances of Mycobacterial transmembrane protein

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Integral membrane proteins are important for various cellular processes. They are the major part involved in the transportation of different proteins across the membrane and thus might also be helpful in maintaining the charge potential. Rv0882 was predicted to be an integral membrane protein by various bioinformatics analyses. TBpred servers characterize the presence of this protein in the transmembrane region. SOSUI, TMHMM and HMMTOP servers found various transmembrane regions of this protein at various positions. TOPCONS web server provides the presence of an alpha-helical region in this protein. Secondary structure prediction and Three-dimensional (3D) modeling of this protein were done by using PSIPRED and QUARK respectively. Prediction of ligand binding site shows that various residues of this protein bind to different compounds whose results are confirmed by molecular docking of these compounds with Rv0882 protein. This protein also comprises a Fibronectin binding motif (RWFV) which also suggests that this protein might also act as a Fibronectin binding protein (FnBp). Previous studies proved that integral membrane proteins are important for transportation and FnBp are involved in host-pathogen interaction. Thus, studying this gene might be beneficial for stretching information about an untouched site of this bacterium which might be helpful in declining this infection.


Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Rv0882, transmembrane protein, fibronectin binding-protein, pathogenesis