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Improvisation of mental health: creating an interactive platform for the people during their daily commute in metropolitan cities

MOJ Anatomy & Physiology
Sakshi Rathi, Jhanvi Bavishi, Juhi Goenka, Arundhati Guha Thakurta, Indresh Kumar Verma, Sajana Ali

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Working and Mental health have usually been focused on in many research areas. But in
this research paper, the time period of travelling from place to place for work or some
other reasons has been implemented in regards to the mental health of the people. With
the help of an artistic approach, an open platform is aimed to be formed for the people to
interact, share and listen to each other’s stories concerning mental health challenges by
ignoring the stigmatised notion of the same. The methodology used comprised extensive
secondary and primary research. The study was conducted mainly in Indian metropolitan
cities. Distribution of surveys was conducted remotely on mental health and the various
perceptions of it, continuing with one-on-one interviews with a total of 16 volunteers from
the three major target audience groups - artists, mental health professionals and mental
health challengers. After receiving the results from the methodology tools, a device was
created for interaction among the people who commute by metro trains. Through this
device, tasks were given out for the users/travellers for them to perform during their
commute with an end incentive attached to it


mental health, metros, artists, therapy, interactive platform