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Utilization and characterization of natural products pretreatment and dyeing wool fabric by natural dyes with economical methods

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
NF Ali,1 EM El- Khatib,2 Fatma A Bassyouni3

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Natural dyes are eco-friendly and they used in dyeing textile fabrics. This requires recent researches for application of natural dyes to obtain smart textile fabrics. Natural dyes extracted from plants, insects and microorganisms, they help to reduce health hazards and pollution to the environment and extend the sustainable use in textile. This review interested in using green chemistry application in dyeing textile fabrics with economic methods. It is also interested in application of nanotechnology in pre-treatment of wool fabric and dyeing with natural dyes. There is a great demand for antimicrobial textiles based on non-toxic and eco-friendly bioactive compounds. Consequently the review aimed to use natural compounds for treatment of textile fabrics before dyeing with natural dyes to enhance dyeing quality and antimicrobial activity.


textile, natural dyes, nanotechnology, green chemistry, antimicrobial activity