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Evaluation of fecal incontinence symptoms in adult women and impact on their quality of life

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Fecal incontinence is an important complaint with great impact in patient’s quality of life. Its cause is multifactorial, its diagnosis greatly underestimated, and its prevalence increaseswithage.Fecalincontinenceisdefinedasanyinvoluntarylossoffeces–liquid orsolid–orgasinpatientsolderthan4yearsofage.Fecalincontinencecanbepresent in up to 15% of patients older than 70years. Only 10 to 30% of symptomatic patients seek medical attention. Up to 40% of symptomatic women have major fecal incontinence with even greater impact on quality of life. Health care professionals’ awareness and patient information are paramount for diagnosis and treatment of the issue.


quality of life, fecal incontinence, gynecologists, quality of life scores questionnaires, colorectal surgeons