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Study on the efficacy of harmonic frequencies applied through music therapy intervention techniques in cochlear implant patients

International Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Journal
Alejandra Hernández Fuentes,1 José Fernando Fernández Company2

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This article deals with research conducted through therapeutic intervention to three people with cochlear implants from 2016 to 2021, in which the effectiveness of music therapy as a tool in the auditory rehabilitation of cochlear implant patients was studied, not only for the improvement in the perception of music and its elements but also because it contributes to the development of oral language comprehension post-implant and improves the quality of life indices of these patients. For this purpose, the auditory rehabilitation techniques carried out in speech therapy were adapted to sound-musical activities in a structured and progressive manner. The results obtained indicate that the three patients achieved a good development in the activities and that they improved their levels of frequency and phonological discrimination as well as their language comprehension and perception in their quality of life.


cochlear implant, music therapy, hearing impairment, auditory rehabilitation.