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The use of FMEA in process management within the sterilized material center (SMC) 

Hospice & Palliative Medicine International Journal
Flávia Silva de Souza, Ana Carolina Assaf, Viviane Carvalho da Silva, Ana Lúcia da Silva Barros


This is an experience report on the use of the Failure Mode Analysis Tool (FMEA) to identify the possible obstacles in the control and delivery of products by the Sterile Material Central of a private institution in Rio de Janeiro. Objectives: To present the experience of using the FMEA for the improvement of the production chain of sterile materials, to present the stages of implementation of the tool and to discuss the obtained results. It was concluded that it is possible to use the tool to control work processes, achieve better results with a view to patient safety, as well as stimulate financial control of the business unit within the hospital environment. 


risk management, FMEA, sterilization centre