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Correlation between morphology and immunophenotype in the diagnosis of pure erythroid leukemia

Hematology & Transfusion International Journal
Ariel Raúl Aragón Abrantes,1 Liekna Elena Sosa Saez,2 Danelis Hernández Aguiar


Pure erythroid leukemia is a rare entity that represents less than 5% of pediatric acute myeloid leukemias and is classified according to the World Health Organization (WHO) within the group of unspecified acute leukemias. A clinical case of a 5-year-old patient admitted with septic arthritis in the Pediatric Hospital, he also presenting with fever and anemia, for which a medullogram and immunophenotype were performed and erythroleukemia was diagnosed. It can be concluded that it is necessary for its diagnosis to integrate clinical, morphological and immunophenotypic, genetic and molecular studies.


pure erythroid leukemia, immunophenotype, pediatrics, acute myeloid leukemia, complete remission, multiparametric flow cytometry