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Preventive Measures and Management Systems against Diseases and Abnormalities of Indian Peafowl in Bangladesh National Zoo

Journal of Dairy, Veterinary & Animal Research
Omar Faruk Miazi,1 Mohammad Monirul Hasan Khan,2 M.A. Jalil,3 Ashutosh Das,1 Mishuk Shaha1

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The wild and domesticated peafowls are prone to many bacterial, viral and parasitic infectious diseases. Various factors are contributing to infections in peafowls. However, there is very little published data on preventive measures and management systems against disease conditions and abnormalities of Indian peafowl. Therefore, we aim to identify the disease conditions and different abnormalities as well as its management in captivity. The research was done from April 2015 to December 2018 in Bangladesh National Zoo (BNZ) by direct interacting, observing, using structured questionnaire and taking data from record book. Vaccine against ND, fowl pox and avian influenza were used for Indian peafowl in BNZ for combating against those diseases. Without this medication against parasitic infestation was started from 4 month of age and later continued regularly six months’ interval. Some vitamin mineral and nutrients substances also used regularly for preventing several abnormalities and diseases. Routine checkup was also found to prevent diseases, abnormalities. A well management system has developed in relation with feeds, feeding system, and habitats for making protection against abnormalities, diseases and predators of Indian peafowl. The house was made with good protection system for entering predators and also the visitors which help to protect predation and disturbing of visitors. Without this cleaning regularly, proper drainage system, controlling for entering predators and enough spaces in houses also help in protection against abnormalities, diseases and predators. Feeds and feeding system was also found very good like regular fresh feed supply, balanced feed supply and nutrias feed supply all the year round to their peafowl’s. Without this properly brooding of peachicks also, help to prevent many diseases as well as express good growth performance. A veterinary hospital in the BNZ premises provides regular monitoring of their health status and suggests good quality management practices for all animals including Indian peafowl.


Indian peafowls, diseases, abnormalities, preventive measures, management system, Bangladesh National Zoo