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Effects of creatine supplementation in the prevention of sarcopenia

Advances in Obesity, Weight Management & Control
Evlynne Oliveira Pontes,1 Júlio César Chaves Nunes Filho,1,4 Júlio César Claudino dos Santos,1–3 Marília Porto Oliveira Nunes1,5

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Much is discussed about the importance of healthy aging, which involves by a combination of several factors. Allied to population aging, there is the emergence of non-communicable chronic diseases and some limiting conditions that compromise the functional capacity of the elderly, such as sarcopenia. This natural condition of the aging process has emerged as one of the most common problems in the elderly population, thus becoming a public health problem. The objective of the present work is to analyze in the literature the effect of creatine supplementation for the prevention of sarcopenia in the elderly. This article is an integrative review based on research on the effects of creatine in the prevention of sarcopenia in elderly individuals. Four randomized controlled trials (N = 330) were included in the review. Overall, creatine brought beneficial effects for the prevention of sarcopenia in elderly individuals. 


healthy aging, muscle strength, food supplementation