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Simultaneous determination of lumefantrine and artemether in the pharmaceutical preparation by capillary electrophoresis

Journal of Analytical & Pharmaceutical Research
Mohamed WI Nassar,1 Ahmed El-Olemy,Mohamed S Emara,1 Ahmed M Ahmed2

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A sensitive, precise and accurate capillary electrophoresis method was developed for simultaneous determination of artemether and lumefantrine in pure sample and pharmaceutical formulation. Capillary electrophoresis was presented as a simple separation analytical method for the simultaneous analysis of the deliberated drugs within a shorter analytical run time. In this study, separation was achieved on fused silica capillary (30cm50mm internal diameter), background electrolyte solution consisted of phosphate buffer (20mM, pH 6.8). The method showed to be linear (r2 >0.999), precise (RSD<0.601%), accurate (recovery of 99.69% for lumefantrine and 99.96% for artemether), specific and robust. LOD and LOQ values were 1.752µg mL-1 and 5.782µg mL-1 for lumefantrine and 0.973µg mL-1 and 3.211µg mL-1 for artemether, respectively. The proposed method obtained well separation and had a perfect accuracy. The proposed method was validated according to ICH guidelines and carried out for determination of the cited drugs in their pharmaceutical formulation.


capillary electrophoresis, artemether, lumefantrine, validation, quantification