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Double approach in a pediatric patient with dysphagia lusoria due to aberrant right subclavian artery

MOJ Clinical & Medical Case Reports
Carlos Alcantara,1 Guillermo Godoy,1 Enrique Pazos,2 Salinas Jose Luis3


Compression of the esophagus by an aberrant anomalous subclavian artery is usually a finding, and the presence of symptoms is rare. In children, sacrificing said artery can cause hypotrophy of the thoracic limb. We present the case of a 6-year-old female patient with Turner syndrome and dysphagia lusoria, which was resolved with a double approach anastomosing the subclavian artery to the right carotid artery. We consider this approach is safe without compromising the arterial flow of the thoracic member and resolving the digestive symptomatology.


dysphagia, lusorian, aberrant subclavian, double approach