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Digital twin of ABB IRB-120 robotic cell based on the industry 4.0

International Robotics & Automation Journal
Rogério Adas Pereira Vitalli, João Mauricio Rosário

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The evolution of virtual commissioning has enabled significant advances in analysis, safety testing, programming and failure anticipation in projects involving industrial robots. To make this possible, a virtual model equal to the real one is needed and our research objective is to develop the Digital Twin of the ABB IRB-120 process and robot to digitally validate the robotic cell and minimize installation and project implementation time in the “shop floor” in the context of I4 .0 Currently, a major problem related to Virtual Commissioning activities is the lack of precision between the virtual model and the physical model (digital twin), due to difficulties related to mechanical fabrication after model generation 3D The use of the Process Simulate software (SIEMENS PLM), allowed more accurate and real results to commission the robotic cell of the Robotics Advanced Institute - I.A.R. The main analysis tools are shown in this study.


ABB IRB-120, digital twin, process simulate, industry 4.0, roboticist, virtual commissioning