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Investigation and analysis of road greening in Jingzhou city

Horticulture International Journal
Huan Tang,1 Chun Yin,1 Wei Wang,1 Taoze Sun,1 Hongna Mu1,2*

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Jingzhou city is well-knowing for its ancient historical, massive cultural, and river system ramified. To understand the actual status of road greenery in Old Town, three typical roads, Quyuan South Road, Wude Road, and Jiang Jin Road, were sifted and divided into nine plots (Quyuan South Road, Wude Road a, Wude Road b, Wude Road c, Wude Road d, Jiang Jin Xi Road). Indexes of species abundance, Shannon-Weiner, Simpson, and Pielou were employed to dissect the road belt community. Results showed that the community diversity was higher in plant structure complicated than only shrubs arrangement. The ideal road plots were Jiangjin West Road, sections a and b of Wude Road based on the evaluation results of the above indexes and actual effects of sunshade, seasonal changes, and ecological function. The shortcomings of the investigational road uncovered the existing problems. Too much attention has been paid to the ornamental effects to lower the importance of ecological function and the utilizing comfort of citizens. Therefore, the urban road greenery should combine the environmental function and aesthetic needs, and regular maintenance management should be timely and scientific.


Jingzhou, road greening, plant configuration, investigation