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Hepatic abscess, an unusual complication in a postoperative cholecystectomy patient: Case report

Journal of Liver Research, Disorders & Therapy
Alejandro Flores-Uribe,1 Jorge Pablo PérezMacías,2 Jorge Alberto González-Arévalo,1 Oscar Armando Flores-Uribe1

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The hepatic abscess is a rare complication related to multiple causes, mostly of biliary origin. Its etiology can be classified on amoebic or pyogenic origin, being more frequent with the bacterial etiology. The development of a hepatic abscess is related in 4.8% to 15% of patients with acute cholecystitis and 21.9% of patients having a biliary disease. The clinical presentation is usually non-specific; it needs to be complemented with an imaging study to make the timely diagnosis. Its management varies according to its evolution and size; both percutaneous drainage and surgical drainage provide adequate management for medium and large abscess with a favorable prognosis. We presented the case of a patient with hepatic abscess formation after a laparoscopic cholecystectomy for acute Lithia sic cholecystitis. 


hepatic abscess, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, complication, surgical drainage