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The coloration of cotton fabric with natural dye extracted from turmeric powder

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Sheikh Shah Alam,1 Joy Ghosh,2 Dipa Jolo Das2

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The goal of this project is to assess the effect of natural dye absorption from turmeric powder on cotton fabrics. At the commencement, the cotton fabrics are mordanted with two different processes, one is synthetic mordanting, and another one is bio mordanting. Both mordanting processes are done at 100°C temperature for 60 minutes and then dyed the fabrics with turmeric powder at 80°C for 60 minutes. The Application was made at different mordants. After completing the dyeing process, color fastness to wash and water, and dry and wet rubbing tests were evaluated. The results show that the samples dyed with cuso4 mordanting have not so good rubbing fastness properties. But, in the case of mordanting with aloe vera, the rubbing fastness properties are relatively better. The results show that the samples mordanting with CuSO4 have not so good color fastness to washing. But, in the case of mordanting with aloe vera sample has relatively better color fastness to wash. But, in the case of color fastness to water, both CuSO4 and aloe vera mordanted fabrics have good color fastness to water. The tests conducted for this project maintained the ISO standard.


natural dyes, turmeric powder, temperature, fastness properties, color fastness to washing, color fastness to water, color fastness to rubbing