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Quality of service provisioning to deliver scalable high efficiency video coding (SHVC) over SDN networks

International Robotics & Automation Journal
Sina Keshvadi,1 Bahnam Behnam Faghih2

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Nowadays, Internet traffic is dominated by video streaming and delivering these services is a challenging task. Providing end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS), and consequently providing an adequate Quality of Experience (QoE), is essential in the multimedia industry. In this paper, we designed LSDN, an effective SDN-based solution that leverages SDN and SHVC video codec feature to provide a reliable video streaming mechanism. LSDN uses the ability of SDN to dynamically update forwarding tables of routers and switches and transfer different video layers of SHVC over distinct network paths. To evaluate the performance of LSDN, we emulated LSDN over Mininet. Our experimental results show that LSDN significantly improves the performance of delivering high-quality videos in terms of deduction in delay, loss, and jitter. Moreover, we observed that LSDN does not have negative effects on the background traffic.


SDN, QOE, SHVC learning routing, multimedia