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Group theoretical methods in solid state Physics of SnO2

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Oxide semiconductor SnO2 shows excellent photoelectronic properties and sensitivities of gases. It is known that their special properties are originated by a stable large band-gap. In nano-SnO2 , the above properties have been extensively explored, and nano-SnO2 will find wide applications in microelectronics, photoelectronics, sensor and compound function ceramics. According to our study using group theory, a single SnO2 crystal with rutile-type structure shows four Raman active modes, A 1g , B 1g , B 2g and E g . The additional A 2u and E u modes correspond to transverse-optical (TO) and longitudinal-optical (LO) vibrations. Moreover, we applied application of perturbation theory, consequently, the spectrum of commercial SnO2 sample showed the Raman bands in accordance with the theory.


group theory, SnO2