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Application of nanotechnology for optimization of bleaching efficiency of edible oils

Open Access Journal of Science
Rania I.M. Almoselhy

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Nanotechnology is the recent science dealing with materials at the nano-sized (smaller than 100nm). Nanotechnology showed its potential significance in almost all industrial sectors. In the current paper, the potency of nanotechnology was affirmed in the food science and technology, especially in the manufacturing of edible oils which passes many procedures, from which is the most important step of bleaching edible oils to remove colorants and contaminants and enhance the quality parameters of these vital components of the human diet. Bleaching process made use of bleaching earth powder which was converted into the nano-sized and then utilized in the bleaching process of edible oils. Results showed the powerful bleaching efficiency optimized by applying nanotechnology in converting the bleaching earth powder to the nano-sized through mechanical milling processes which resulted in smaller size in nanoscale with more efficient surface area available for adsorption of colorants and contaminants of the edible oils resulting in pure edible oils of superior quality and safety.


edible oils, bleaching efficiency, nanotechnology, optimization