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Perfectionism in primary and secondary education: Bibliometric and thematic analysis

Journal of Neurology & Stroke
Nerea Pamies Avendaño

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In the present work we intend to analyze the perfectionism as a characteristic feature of primary and secondary education students. Students with traits of perfectionism are characterized by setting very high standards in academic performance, making impeccable efforts, and establishing critical self-assessment. On the other hand, students with socially prescribed perfectionism are characterized by the beliefs that the subject has about the demands of significant people in their environment, whether these are real or not. This research aims to know the scientific production on perfectionism in Primary and Secondary Education students, published in the Web of Science database between 2017 and 2020. After analysing all the writings, a total of 227 articles were obtained, which were analyzed through various bibliometric indicators. It was observed that in relation to various thematic categories, such as family, emotional changes or academic performance, the most repeated in the works analyzed was that of Associated Psychopathologies, related to eating disorders, anxiety or depression. In addition, the results show that most of the works focus on Secondary Education students, and, therefore, older students, leaving Primary Education in the background. The conclusions of the investigation show that the age range from 6 to 12 years has not been investigated yet. Finally, different aspects of the subject are discussed and concluded in relation to the hypotheses raised at the beginning of the work, the limitations found throughout the study are presented, and reference is made to the conclusions. As possible future lines of research, it is proposed to analyze perfectionism in relation to various factors such as gender or the sociocultural environment of the students.


perfectionism, bibliometric analysis, primary education, secondary education, childish, teen