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Role of Nalanda college of agriculture in promoting agricultural education in Tamil Nadu

Horticulture International Journal
Sekhar C,1 Sivakalai R,2 Sheebha G,3 Sudhakar M,4 Mohanraj M5Sekhar C,1 Sivakalai R,2 Sheebha G,3 Sudhakar M,4 Mohanraj M5

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The Study focuses on major areas in which agricultural education is imparted by incorporating major and minor courses which are related to agriculture and allied subjects which are helping in the promotion of career orientation.  Another aspect of the study is Promoting greenery to the environment by the students of agriculture and earns hands on training in the areas like bee keeping, mushroom cultivation, Ornamental Nursery, Entrepreneurial Development, Commercial Seed Production, Dry land farming, sericulture, vermicompost production, azolla production which are giving way to the students in practicing of agribusiness and its initiatives in their region of residence. In this respect, this article addresses how an educational institution could train the students in making use of the available dry lands for effective crop production front by employing the agricultural labour force in making the dry lands into a big greenery.  This might be an example to the dry land farmers to cope with and elevate their lifestyle in an appreciable way and it will also promote the farming initiatives with courage and confidence wherever the land and irrigation facility are available. Certain students are also taking the lands on lease to promote agriculture in a big way. This paper is a paradigm for the persons who are taking initiatives in agriculture to make farming as their career path.


Agricultural Education, Curriculum, Placement Efforts, Greenery Promotion