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Education of prisoners during the coronavirus pandemic on the example of Poland

Open Access Journal of Science
Daria Becker-Pestka

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This paper presents a discussion on education of prisoners during the coronavirus pandemic on the example of Poland. Education is an important tool in social rehabilitation of prisoners, which is provided to prepare them for the participation in professional, social and family life. At present, facing the coronavirus pandemic, the entire penitentiary system must deal with problems which have been unknown so far and it must meet new challenges related to education of prisoners. At the same time, the dynamic development of new technologies offers new possibilities in the field of education. The material presented in the paper has been collected by the methods of interviewing, data analysis and content analysis. The obtained results indicate that education of prisoners during the pandemic has not overturned any education schemes which have been applied currently. A fundamental task in education of prisoners is eliminating negative results of social exclusion which are related to education negligence. The results of the research can be applied in a multi-dimensional perspective by both theoreticians and practitioners. They can be also used for improvement and search of better and more efficient solutions in the field of education of prisoners. Considering numerous scientific fields, a discussion might be started to select methods for education of prisoners and to determine how to implement e-learning, with respecting security rules. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the system of prison education has not been disrupted and penitentiary units have been functioning without any problems, in their regular ways. However, it is necessary for every unit to follow the sanitary regime.


prisoners, education, the COVID-19 pandemic, social readaptation