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Using the discovery of fundamental variables by artificial intelligence to unite general relativity and quantum mechanics


Article includes 
a) “Linking radioactive dating to origin of the universe” or “How dinosaurs committed scientific heresy & exterminated the Big Bang” 
b) Vector-tensor-scalar geometry’s important insights into 1) Cancer, 2) The origin of the moon
In a newsletter discussing “Automated discovery of fundamental variables hidden in experimental data” (Chen, B., Huang, K., Raghupathi, S. et al. Automated discovery of fundamental variables hidden in experimental data. Nat Comput Sci 2, 433–442 (2022). Cosmos Magazine attributed the following statement to co-author Qiang Du, “What other laws are we missing simply because we don’t have the variables?” According to Cosmos, another co-author (Hod Lipson) argues that scientists may be misinterpreting or failing to understand many phenomena simply because they don’t have a good set of variables. All of this reminds me of the Hidden Variables associated with Albert Einstein’s doubts about quantum mechanics. I’ve been thinking about hidden variables for perhaps twenty or more years and it seems that their combination with the Mobius strip, figure-8 Klein bottle, base 2 mathematics, vector-tensor-scalar geometry, and Wick rotation might unite quantum mechanics and relativity. The union would result in explanation of particles existing in two or more places at once being due to our frame of reference. It would also explain wave-particle duality and, on a universal scale, why there was no Big Bang. The section on vector-tensor-scalar geometry is very important since it provides insights into 1) cancer, and 2) the origin of the moon.
The yet-to-be-discovered underlying physics of the wave function proposed in this comment predicts exactness in outcomes, not probability or randomness. Quantum mechanics says particles can, according to our frame of reference, be in two or more places at once. This frame of reference is necessarily restricted to our present understanding of quantum mechanics which Albert Einstein and his colleagues claimed to be incomplete. Hidden Variables are presently hypothetical factors based on the belief that the theory of quantum mechanics is incomplete. Their identification would lead to exact predictions, not just probabilities, for the outcomes of measurements. Albert Einstein is the most famous proponent of hidden variables. Their existence would vindicate his belief that quantum mechanics is lacking something. It’s proposed here that electronics’ binary digits (1’s and 0’s) are those hidden variables.
Despite Bell’s theorem and the more recent Pusey–Barrett–Rudolph theorem, hidden variables can be a valid theory since the following boxed explanation of unification of all time periods allows the existence of both “retarded” waves going forwards in time and the disfavoured “advanced” waves travelling back in time and this permits quantum entanglement of every form of mass if, as shown, gravitational waves interacting with electromagnetic waves is responsible for production of mass. The misperception that the universe is expanding is accounted for by retarded/advanced shift.


hidden variables, unipositional quantum mechanics, relativity’s time dilation, production of the higgs and all mass, unification of all mass and all time, dark matter and dark energy, retarded/advanced shift explains misperception of expanding universe, static universe, cancer, origin of the moon