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Perforated jejunal diverticulum

MOJ Surgery
Guadalupe Pena, Sandra Gabriela Ayala Hernández, Guadalupe del Carmen Pérez Torres, Rodrigo Migoya Ibarra 

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Introduction: intestinal diverticula are infrequent, with most common location in duodenum. Only a few patients develop symptoms, intestinal perforation beign the most associated with a deadly outcome. 8-30% of patients with suspicion of perforated jejunal diverticulum receive urgent surgical management, which consists in intestinal resection and termino-terminal anastomosis. Case report: 101-year-old female patient who shows at the emergency room with an acute abdomen. An abdominal CT scan was performed, which showed free abdominal fluid and pneumoperitoneum. Exploratory laparotomy was planned and performed, and showed evidence of multiple jejunal diverticulums, one of which presented with perforation. We performed resection and anastomosis of 90 cm of the affected jejunum. Conclusion: despite being an infrequent pathology, in patients who present with acute abdomen, the most accurate management remains surgery.


diverticula, intestinal perforation, acute abdomen, laparotomy