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Effects of cold on COVID-19 incidence

MOJ Public Health
Elias Teages Adgoy

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The end of December 2019 was a critical turning point in the global epidemiological concept of a newly discovered type of pneumonia that killed several people within a short period with complications of acute respiratory syndrome just hours after hospitalization. This would later be referred to as the corona virus of 2019. The outbreak was made known to the global health body by Chinese government though with a lot of controversy as regarding the exact time of the infection, mortality and disease incidence among different regions. The world was kept gazing as to what actions were necessary to deal with the epidemic. The world Health Organization was also put into a disarray as to the proper steps and policy issues regarding the declarations of the epidemic as a pandemic. Corona virus disease 2019 remains a threat to the global populations to date 2022.This threat is far from over with still surging cases being reported hence our recent critical look of the literature as regards this infection.


infection, corona virus, global populations