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Capturing formaldehyde in cigarette smoke by zeolite and porous sorbents

Material Science & Engineering International Journal
Xian Dan Sun,1,2 Jing Yang,1 Yi Cao,1 Jian Hua Zhu1

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A spectrophotometric method of pararosaniline hydrochloride is reported for rapid determination of formaldehyde (HCHO) content in cigarette smoke in common lab and it has been used to assess the removal of HCHO by zeolites and other porous sorbents conveniently. Through the evaluation in nitrogen flow and cigarette smoke, some porous sorbents were found to exert the attractive performance in capture of HCHO in smoke even in the harsh experiment, which is proven by ISO standard test and provided some candidates for environment protection.


formaldehyde, detection, adsorption, zeolite, smoke, environment protection