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An engine for beam-blocking optimization in gamma knife treatment planning

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Purpose: To introduce and evaluate a fast-plugging pattern agent for the Gamma Knife treatment planning system (GKTPS) for potential clinical data retrospective analysis and educational application.
Methods and Materials: We developed an automatic plugging pattern generating system based on a greedy algorithm. This system is accessible from the Internet through a userfriendly interface. The input is based on the plan printout of the GKTPS using an extra simple contour information abstract method. This internet-based plugging pattern generator uses an updated algorithm to quickly generate plugging patterns for optimization of GK treatment plans for each individual shot and to sequence multiple-isocenter treatments.
Result: In 20 cases tested online, and the average computation time was about 30 seconds. This internet agent was also used in a Trigeminal Neuralgia treatment case.
Conclusion: This internet-based, fast plugging pattern GKTPS was able to quickly determine accurate dose distribution in different sites within the brain. 


gamma knife treatment planning, stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS), selective beam, plugging pattern