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A scientific approach to skin radiotherapy nursing Article 3 - The skin RT prescription and plan especially in relation to volume and dose

International Journal of Radiology & Radiation Therapy
Gerald B. Fogarty,1,2 Natasha Bell,2 Terri Parker,2 Rebecca Droughton,2 Jenn Manning,3 Tai Tran,1 Anupam Chaudhuri1

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Nurses play an important role in the RT of skin and its diseases. This is the third of four articles that attempts to provide a scientific basis for nurses to better understand skin RT patients, skin and its diseases, and acute RT skin reactions and how to care for them to achieve the best outcomes from RT treatments. The first paper outlined the role of the nurse as an integral part of the radiation oncology team and how to conduct an effective patient assessment to ensure the patient’s optimal journey to treatment completion. The second article described the anatomy, physiology, pathology and radiobiology of skin and its diseases. This third article describes the skin RT prescription and plan, especially in relation to volume and dose. The fourth paper will show how the nurse, by applying the knowledge from the previous articles, can predict, explain and care for any side effects that may arise. This knowledge is important for establishing patient expectations, preparing the patient for side effects, and giving scientifically based reasons for complying with care protocols. Hopefully, these articles will help support the nurse to deliver best care to skin RT patients. More prospective research is needed to elucidate the many remaining facets of nursing care for skin RT patients.


radiotherapy, radiobiology, radiation effects, radiotherapy planning, computer-assisted, intensity-modulated, skin, skin cancer, nursing, review