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Rooftop gardening in the globe: advantages and challenges

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Due to rapid increase of global urbanization food demand is rising for the urban inhabitants, especially, massive consumption demand for green vegetables and fruits. Rooftop gardening is a valuable mode of getting these fresh and nutrition rich food for urban dwellers. Also, roof farming is an alternative means of land use and in the countries with less agricultural lands. This farming system serves the healthy foods and progress in food security of the urban people. It improves urban atmosphere through reducing pollution, enhance greening environment and provides households’ recreation. Thus, a review study has done to know the scenario of rooftop farming in the urban community along with advantages and challenges. Previous research denounced that insight and consciousness of roof gardening has enriched and affords wellbeing, social value and enjoyable farming to the building residents. Knowledge and awareness of gardening should be disseminated, commercial roof farming should be popularized and the challenges regarding urban rooftop gardening should try to overcome.


agriculture, rooftop, urban farming, food, challenges