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Development of a new cosmetic product in the form of cream

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Highlighter, luminizer, illuminator- it’s all about it, a little helper in the arsenal of every self-respecting makeup artist and not just a professional. This product will not be superfluous in a cosmetic bag of self-make-up enthusiasts. And for those who follow the “no makeup” technique of makeup - this is the number one among the “must-haves”. Decorative cosmetics, which are available on the market of Ukraine are mainly of foreign production, so expanding the range of cosmetic products at the expense of domestic production is an urgent task.

The purpose of our work is a substantiation of components and development of a highlighter for the face in the form of a cream for skin care, application of make-up, and correction of the face.

Modern data on the history of highlighters and modern methods of application have been analyzed and summarized. Existing types of highlighters, excipients used in the composition are reviewed.

According to the results of complex physicochemical, pharmacotechnological and microbiological studies, the composition of the highlighter in the form of a cream has been developed.

Considering the studied colloidal and thermal stability, homogeneity, pH, structural viscosity, dispersion, the optimal composition of the emulsion base of the cream has been developed: corn oil, Ercamuls NF V, Carbopol Ultrez 10, triethanolamine, glycerin, purified water. The amount of corn oil is substantiated. Oil included in the composition has been selected: corn, sesame, grape seed, shea, coconut, almond. The preservative introduction was justified. 


highlighter, structural viscosity, base, carbopol ultrez 10, preservative.