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Isolated subacromial-deltoid bursitis as first manifestation of Brucellosis

MOJ Orthopedics & Rheumatology
Safa Trabelsi,1 Souha Khfifi,1 Rim Ben Amor,1,2 Houcine Mrad,1,2 Salem Bouomrani1,2

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Described first by Kennedy JC in 1904, Brucella bursitis remains one of the rarest osteoarticular manifestations during this infection. Its prevalence was only 1-1.2% in wide series but seems to be clinically under-diagnosed. Indeed, its systematic screening by joint ultrasound objectified it in 5.2% of cases in some series. Shoulder bursitis (subacromial, subdeltoid or subacromial-deltoid) remains exceptional and unusual in brucellosis with only few sporadic cases in world literature. This clinical presentation of brucellosis represents a real diagnostic challenge for clinicians. We report an original observation of subacromial-deltoid bursitis as the first manifestation revealing septicemic brucellosis in 21-year-old Tunisian man.


subacromial-deltoid bursitis, brucellosis, arthritis, shoulder, brucella