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Myoma previa during cesarean section: a case report and review of the literature

MOJ Biology and Medicine
Sergei Slavov,1,2 Veselin Diavolov,1 Dimitar Mitev,1,2 Radko Tocev,1 Tsvetelina Popova1,2

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Uterine fibroids are one of the most common pathologies in women of reproductive age, related not only to the achievement, but also to the course of pregnancy. In addition, in some cases it has a significant impact on the method of delivery and is associated with certain complications during labor and in the postpartum period. Myoma previa is a rare complication in pregnant women with uterine fibroids. We present a case of a patient with myoma previa during pregnancy. Due to the presence of a large protruding myoma in the patient, a decision was made to deliver by cesarean section. A live fetus was born and a large myoma in the lower uterine segment was found. Due to the suspicion of necrotic changes in the myoma, which would lead to complications in the postpartum period, a myomectomy was performed without complications. Subsequent histological examination revealed necrotic changes in the fibroid. The postpartum period in the woman passed without deviations.


Myoma previa, Cesarean section, Myomectomy