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Applicational study on the edible university landscape under COVID-19 epidemic circumstance

Horticulture International Journal
Junce Zhou,1 Taoze Sun,1 Xiaohua Guo,1 Wei Wang,1 Hongna Mu1,2*

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All of universities or colleges have to solve the big challenges from the outbreak of COVID-19. Quarantining of Campus has been being the regular management policy, the activities of all students were restricted inside the campus. Under such status, campus landscape quality. In this study, the concept of Edible Landscape has been introduced into the campus planning and designing. The construction principles of healing, practicality, ecology, economy and adaptation to local conditions were illustrated, in the light of COVID-19 controlling and prevention. Furthermore, a construction strategy of edible landscape in assisting related teaching and researching activities, taking away negative emotions, and producing fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables, which can offset the shortcoming of traditional landscape of ornamental-value-centered. The construction principles and strategies of this paper put forward novel thinking and references to carry out the construction and development of campus landscape with ecology, healthy and effective traits, to the application of edible and pluralistic school landscape.


Myoma previa, Cesarean section, Myomectomy