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The physicochemical analysis and health benefits of fresh and branded honey produced in delta state, Nigeria

Journal of Analytical & Pharmaceutical Research
Great Iruoghene Edo,1,2 Favour Ogheneoruese Onoharigho,3 Oghenerume Lucky Emakpor,Patrick Othuke Akpoghelie5

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This research is aimed to investigate and evaluate the physicochemical characteristic of different honey produced in Delta State, Nigeria, to confirm its economical and nutritional quality in comparison with the international standard. The quality of fresh and branded honey samples produced in Delta State was assessed using physicochemical and mineral analysis. Eight fresh honey (FHs) samples and eight branded honey (BHs) samples were collected from the Autonomous Province of Delta State, Nigeria. The tested parameters were pH, free acidity, electrical conductivity, color intensity, moisture, ash, proline, diastase, HMF, invertase, glucose, fructose, sucrose, lipid and mineral content. A qualitative test (Fiehe, Lund and Lugol) was performed to test the purity of honey. Both honey samples displayed good physicochemical properties. The concentration level of sugars was higher in the branded honey in comparison to fresh honey samples. The physicochemical parameters of fresh and branded honey were in concordance with the international standard. 


physicochemical analysis, branded honey, fresh honey, adulteration, delta