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Parsimonious analysis for eco-innovation of products

Aeronautics and Aerospace Open Access Journal
Y Ledoux,W Samet Kallel,2 J P Nadeau3

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The integration of the environmental dimension is crucial in industrial activity. Designers should integrate the new environmental constraints to adapt their approaches and methodologies in the framework of eco-innovation of industrial products and consumer goods. This paper proposes a new method integrating ecological aspects into the innovation process. We analyze different tools proposed in the literature to determine the relevant parameters to consider for assuring an efficient methodology. Relevant parameters are related to different phases in the lifecycle of the product and it is proposed to link them to different impacts on the environment. Actions are set up to guide engineers in the early phase of concept generation for eco-innovation. The methodology is essentially based on functional analysis, energy analysis and physical analysis of products and problem solving tools stemming from Triz theory


triz theory, sustainable development, actions for eco-innovation, functional and energy analysis, physical model