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De Novo lipogenesis inhibitors: as the other innovative agents for therapy of metabolic diseases (obesity, NAFLD/NASH, CVD)

Advances in Obesity, Weight Management & Control
Kulvinder Kochar Kaur,1 Gautam Allahbadia,2 Mandeep Singh3

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For survival fatty acids are necessary, working as substrates for bioenergy generation, structural constitutents along with signaling molecules. With their key part, evolutionary modes bycells for fatty acids formation from alternative carbon resources via a event labelled as de novo’’ lipogenesis ( DNL). In spite of the knowledge of significance regarding its up regulation abnormalities being correlatedwith numerous types of pathological conditions. Attempt at hampering core DNL enzymes inclusive ofcitrate/iso citratecarrier(CIC), ATP citrate lyase ( ACLY), acetyl CoA carboxylase(ACC) along with fatty acid synthase( FAS) apparently should turn out to be a good therapeutic approach. Although numeroushurdles anticipated regarding effectiveness, selectiveness besides safety variable newer classes of synthetic DNL hampering agents have reached clinical stage generation besides becoming the basis for a newer class of treatment substances. Having earlier reviewed numerous articles regarding obesity along with its co-morbidities type2 Diabetes mellitus (T2DM) NAFLD /NASH here we have presented a narrative review regarding the evolutionary generation of DNL hampering agents as potential treatment agents. For this we review utilizing search engine pubmed, google scholar; web of science; embase; Cochrane review library for which we have extracted data from earliest data with the recognition of significance of various enzymes besides their allosteric, covalent, transcriptional control of fatty acids generation & the problems encountered for their generation till date. Apart from obesity associated therapeutics their utility extends to acne vulgaris, various cancer thrapies besides treating neurod generational diseases.


de novo’’ lipogenesis ( DNL), FAS hampering agents, evolutionary generation