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Risk of alcohol consumption during pregnancy on fetus

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Miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth, low birth weight, and a range of lifelong disorders can caused by excessive alcohol consumption during pregnancy is called fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Alcohol is the most hazardous teratogens which are substances that can detriment an advancing fetus. Every time a pregnant woman has a drink; her unborn child has only, too. Alcohol, like carbon monoxide from cigarettes, passes easily through the placenta from the mother's bloodstream into her baby's blood and puts her fetus at risk of having a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Drinking alcohol while pregnant can result in cognitive, social, and motor inadequacies and distinctive lifelong challenges. Usage of alcoholic beverages by pregnant women perhaps results in abortion, fetal mortality and prematurity. The intentions of this review is to teach the women about risk of alcohol consumption during pregnancy on their child and also on themselves and warn them to cease alcohol during pregnancy totally to safe their child from various defects and themselves from unexpected health challenges.


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