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Holy springs and wells of the leningrad region

International Journal of Hydrology
Yu N Golubchikov,1 EI Stepanova2


According to the results of the analysis of search queries an interest in information about holy springs has been revealed. An overview of 45 springs of the Leningrad region, attributed to the saints, is presented. Their map has been compiled (M: 1:200000). With the period of the population’s self-isolation regime, Internet search queries for natural holy springs are also increasing. Statistical analysis of posts of thematic communities of the VKontakte social network by the tool “Khitalama” testifies to the social demand for information about holy springs references. These data serve as a promising source of information about behavioral geography. It is proposed to improve the network of specially guarding natural territories by including holy springs in it as objects of health, ecological, educational and pilgrimage tourism. On the example of the Leningrad Region, the foundations for the creation of a unified geoinformation system of holy springs are laid.


holy springs, pandemic, natural monuments