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Endovascular treatment of a giant splenic aneurysm: a case report

MOJ Biology and Medicine
Beatriz Camelini Moreno,1Vinicius Menin Brandi,2 Marina Moraes Lopes Soares,2Daniel Miquelin,3 Jose Maria Pereira de Godoy4


The aim of the present study is to report the endovascular treatment of a giant splenic aneurysm. Female patient, 56 years old, during an outpatient investigation of complaints of sporadic nausea, without associated abdominal pain, a contrast-enhanced tomography was performed, showing two saccular splenic artery aneurysms, one in the proximal third with a diameter of 6.2x4.5cm and one in the middle-distal third of 5.1x4.4cm. Procedure performed in three stages: initially with arteriography of the celiac trunk for therapeutic planning; in a second moment, embolization was performed with splenic artery coils, in a portion distal to the aneurysms, with success; and in a third moment, embolization of the proximal portion of the splenic artery was performed, with a 12mm vascular plug, without intercurrences. Patient with good evolution, discharged in the first postoperative period and in outpatient follow-up. Endovascular treatment is the first choice for correction of LAAs, and advances in methods and materials available allow it to be used as an option in cases of complex anatomy.


Endovascular treatment, giant splenic aneurysm, diagnostic