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Socio-economic indicators in the current context


The database of the Research Institute for Quality of Life from Romania (RIQL) has collected over the years, an appreciable number of economic and social indicators in various stages of centralization or processing. The work carried out was imposed by the needs of different projects and not only. In this sense, a sustained effort has been made to search, collect and systematize some indicators taken from the Statistical Yearbooks (NIS), but also from other sources, in order to obtain a long series of indicators to track the dynamics over time of various economic and social phenomena. In this sense, so far, several relatively long series of economic and social indicators have accumulated, orienting us through the specific areas of interest, mainly in the field of living standards, income of the population and consumption of goods and services. The size of a household’s income directly affects the other dimensions of the standard of living. Within the base there are also numerous comparative economic and social indicators, for the global and European level: income indicators; minimum consumption basket indicators; the values of the monthly consumption basket of the households of employees and pensioners updated to the level of December 2021. Beyond the examples presented above, we mention that the base of indicators constituted by our initiative contains numerous accumulations from the past years, and for updating some, periodically, we carry out activities to search and study potential data sources in the country and abroad


official data, indicator, income, expence, consumption basket, family, child