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Photons with real magnetic charges and absurdity of concept expansion universe

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The results of the study of the physics of photons with real magnetic charges showed that photons do not form any light waves. The circular frequency of photons produced under the conditions of the translational motion of the photon source differs from ? by the value ω? , which is determined solely by the change in the velocity ?V of the translational motion of the photon source at the moment of photon formation. It is important to understand that the circular frequency of photons, born at any moment of the movement of their sources, is an internal property (parameter) of the photon and remains unchanged throughout the entire photon “life”. Moreover, the photon frequency cannot depend on any movements of the observer.


Magnetic charges, Magnetic dipoles, true Antielectrons, S-Gravitons, Gravitational field, Ferro-and paragravitation, spinors and spinor fields, spin cones, frequency redshift, “expansion” of the Universe