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Lifestyle and environmental factors-a critical correlation of breast cancer

Journal of Cancer Prevention & Current Research
Byapti Banerjee, Ajanta Halder


In India, most common form of cancer in women is breast cancer (BC). Every year more than 1,00,000 new breast cancer patients are diagnosed in India. Though itis completely treatable if detected in early stage, the rate of cure in India is less due to lack of awareness, lack of access to health care facilities, ignorance of symptoms and socio-cultural attitudes. There are several environmental factors associated with BC. Research has shown that the risk factor of BC is higher to the women who work at night as light exposure at night suppresses the melatonin secretion and gives rise to cancer. Exposure to Xenoestrogen (present in plastic containers, pesticides etc.), Parabens (present in preservatives and cosmetics), alkylphenols, phytoestrogen are really harmful and can cause BC. Besides, consumption of excessive alcohol, obesity, use of Hormone Replacement Therapy and late onset of menopause are equally responsible for breast cancer. 


breast Cancer, BPA, xenoestrogen, paraben, alkylophenol, melatonin, dichlorophenyltrichloroethane