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Chronic retina pathology: perspectives for treatment (analytical study)

MOJ Clinical & Medical Case Reports
Rudkovskaya Oksana Dmitrievna


Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic retinopathy (DR) are the main causes of blindness in the elderly. Currently, there is no radical treatment for these diseases. It has been suggested that the destructive processes in the retina are controlled by the brain. The functioning of the visual analyzer is very energy-consuming for the brain. In old age, when brain resources are usually depleted, the brain in some cases blocks the visual system in order to be able to support the work of other vital organs. Otherwise (due to overstrain of brain activity), neuro-psychic or somatic diseases may develop in the body. These processes appear to be genetically controlled.It is proposed to carry out the therapy of AMD and DR against the background of switched off accommodation (and later - laser mydriasis). But this strategy should be preceded by weighty neurophysiological studies.


retina, brain, accommodation weakness, visual analyzer unit