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Optimal siting of a nuclear power station in Nigeria using fuzzy grey relational analysis

Material Science & Engineering International Journal
Eyere Emagbetere, Ikuobase Emovon, Olusegun David Samuel, Peter A Oghenekowho, Agberegha Orobome Larry, Akene Alexander, Bright Edward Aghogho

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One of the primary causes of Nigeria's underdevelopment is a lack of electricity to power the country's industries. Rather than relying solely on fossil fuels to generate electricity in Nigeria, a variety of other sources, such as nuclear energy, must be used. A Nuclear Power Plant's (NPP) location is a critical step in its development. This paper thus presents a methodology for resolving the issue of NPP site selection. For this project, the fuzzy Grey Relational Analysis (GRA) method was chosen. To assess the feasibility of the approach, one of Nigeria's six south-south states was chosen as the location of a hypothetical nuclear power plant. The NPP would be best located in Delta State, which had the highest grey relational grade of 0.7897, according to the findings.


GRA, Nuclear Power Plant, Decision criteria, Sites, Location