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A comprehensive study on the effect of different seam parameters on woven fabrics

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Ba?ak Gümü?ta?,1 Hilal Hu?çe,1 Md Humayun Kabir,2 Emine Kanbero?lu,3 Muhammet Uzun1,4

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Nowadays, in the ready-made clothing industry, woven fabrics of different construction and pattern are used to a greater extent. Low sewing performance is a common phenomenon that is observed in these fabrics. This study aims to define the dominant parameters such as fiber, yarn, fabric structure, sewing thread, and sewing needle, which affect sewing performance and cause sewing defects, and to examine their effects on sewing quality. The most frequently used needle and sewing thread, fabric weighing under 200g/m2 which may cause a problem in sewing are selected for this study. Effective sewing parameters and combinations that can work most efficiently with different fabric properties are suggested accordingly. The study aims to determine and minimize the damage caused by sewing needles on thin fabrics.


seam parameters, woven fabric, yarn, needle, seam, stitch, seam strength, seam efficiency, sewing thread, seam quality