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Study of physical and mechanical Properties of Sansevieria Ehrenbergii Fibres (SEF)

Journal of Textile Engineering & Fashion Technology
Ekael Mbise, M Masombe, T Venance

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The study is aimed to investigate physical and mechanical properties of fibres extracted from sansevieria ehrenbergii plant and its quality for different textile products such ropes, carpets and fabrics in order to enhance commercialization and utilization of the plant.

The SEF were extracted by means of the hand decortication from the plant leaves and physical and mechanical properties were determined. Analysis the fibres showed that were flexible, smooth with mean length of 138.48 cm, maximum breaking force of 19.51N, linear density of 44.76 tex, tenacity of 0.48 N/ tex at the maximum breaking force and Tensile strain was 0.0368 mm at the maximum breaking force. Also other absorption results showed that SEF had moisture regain of 9.46% and moisture content 8.67%.
A brief comparison of SEF with other similar fibres was performed and a promising comparison drawn.


Sansevieria ehrenbergii, physical and Mechanical properties, textiles