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Tubulovillous adenoma as a histopathological finding in a hemorrhoidectomy product

Journal of Cardiology & Current Research
Rogelio Zayas-Bórquez,1 Cheryl Z. Diaz-Barrientos,2 Fernando Navarro-Tovar,1 Elias Ballesteros-Suarez,1 Delfino Castro-Alducin,1 Jose M. Gonzalez-Romero,1 Mildred Phillipe-Ponce,1 Samuel R. Medina-Parra,1 Yoselin J.Sarabia-Pérez1

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Hemorroids are normal vascular structures on the anal canal that affects from 4% to 10% of
the general population. The conservative treatment tends to be effective, however in some
cases it is required to refer to surgery. Recently, they have started to apply new technological
resources like LigaSure, that offers a surgery that is simpler, faster and with less bleeding.
The colorectal carcinoma is developed through different molecular pathways, the adenoma
is considered the initial injury for the adenoma-carcinoma pathway. We present the case of
a patient who has been treated for a hemorrhoidal disease with histopathological findings of
tubulovillous adenoma on a low-grade.


tubulovillous adenoma, hemorrhoids, LigaSure