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Infinite singletons and the default mode network

Journal of Psychology & Clinical Psychiatry
Giulia Battilotti,1Miloš Borozan,2Rosapia Lauro Grotto3


In the present contribution we sketch an interpretation of the characterizing aspects of processing taking place in the Default Mode Network based on a formal logic model of the psychoanalytic theory. In particular, we apply a logical model of the structural Freudian Unconscious as described in the so-called Bi-Logic introduced by the Chilean psychoanalyst I. Matte Blanco. We ground our proposal in the original Freudian proposal concerning the distinction between objectand wordpresentation, and we devise a formal logical model of this distinction in order to explaining some structural invariances of the psychoanalytic view of mental processes on one hand and some recent evidenceson the processes of the Default Mode Network on other. Finally, some clinical implications of the model are discussed.


Default Mode Network, Freudian psychoanalytic theory, Bi-Logic, Matte Blanco, word presentation, object presentation