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Iatrogenics in dentistry: importance of radiographic examinations in identifying dental treatment failures, study by use trough the analysis of panoramic radiographs

MOJ Public Health
Giovani Antonio Rodrigues,1 Fernanda Botelho Martins,1 Fabio Santos Bottacin,1 Marcelo Rodrigues Azenha,2 Plauto Christopher Aranha Watanabe3

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Background: Technological advancement has also allowed dentistry to obtain new
materials and techniques, as well as more predictable results in dental treatment. However,
there are still many flaws related to the technique and choice of materials by dentists. Thus,
the aim of this study was to evaluate through panoramic radiographs failures in dental
Methods: 1250 panoramic radiographs were selected and evaluated by an experienced
specialist, 609 of which had one or more iatrogenic
Results: 48.72% of the radiographs analyzed showed some failure in dental treatment that
focused on the age group of 31-50 years.
Conclusion: Thus, it is necessary that dentists are attentive to the detection and correction
of iatrogenesis, seeking a better quality of life for patients.


iatrogenic, panoramic radiographs, dental treatment failures