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Four-dimensional algorithm for studying geological features on mars using high-resolution stereo camera

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In this work is developed a new four-dimensional algorithm for studying geological features on Mars using a high-resolution stereo camera. The 4-D B-spline model has been implemented to reconstruct 4-D geological features such as Mars craters. The B-spline solid algorithm is implemented to simultaneously trace tag craters in sequences of high-resolution stereo camera slices by completely identifying B-spline surfaces which ally themselves with attached pixels. The study shows that B-spline can identify flow patterns from larger craters to the small crater. The Marghany 4-D algorithm of great polygon pattern flows is reconstructed using a 4-D B-spline. In conclusion, integration between the Marghany 4-D B-spline algorithm and the high-resolution stereo camera shows excellent promises for implementing Marghany 4-D algorithm in remote sensing applications.


Four-dimensional algorithm, B-spline model, Mars craters, stereo camera, Marghany algorithm